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Wow! It is hard to believe, but eleven years ago we held our first meetings as Mill Cove Neighbors. We were then, as now, concerned about the proliferation of development in Mill Cove and the Conimicut Marsh and preserving what attracted us to this beautiful part of New England.

Since then, we transformed that advocacy group into the Mill Cove Conservancy, focused on dealing constructively with our central purpose ofhelping to build the Mill Cove Neighborhood as a place that makes the most of our unusual natural and community assets. Our primary purpose is the acquisition and preservation of land around Mill Cove and theConimicut Marsh.

We have established ourselves as an active land trust and cultivated relationships with both Warwick City Planning and other preservation oriented groups.


  • Established Spot Park on our first piece of donated land. Armand Lusi gave us the land because we are a community-based land trust. Warwick City Council has granted us tax exemption for the park. Visitors use the park often and it was chosen as a site for an international geo-cache.
  • Built working partnerships with the Warwick City Planning, Warwick Land Trust, Save the Bay, Audubon Society, Buckeye Brook Coalition and the Conimicut Village Neighbors. We have co-sponsored and participated in a number of events over the years with all groups including Earth-day cleanup and supporting funding opportunities.
  • Inaugurated with our partner organizations the Celebration of International Bird Migration Bird Photo Contest.
  • Created a history of Conimicut Point on DVD and made local presentations.
  • Provided advice and assistance to groups and individual property owners on good practices of land management in coastal areas on our well searched website.

It has been the interest and support of our members over the years that have made possible what MCC has done and plans to do. In spite of changes in how we work, we remain a citizen-based, grass-roots land trust whose first concern is building the value of our neighborhood. All the work is done on a volunteer basis by our officers and members. Dues and contributions from our members continue to be our mainstay for meeting operational expenses, including insurance on Spot Park.

Go to MCC Issues section at the left to learn more about our history and stand on issues such as how Warwick citizens can reduce the costs of flood insurance.

Affiliate Member of the Land Trust Alliance
Copyright 2012 Mill Cove Conservancy, Inc. Photograph courtesy William Derrig.

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